BIOARMOR-NANO is a super thin, quick drying, invisible coating that has a nano size antibacterial protection added.

The products are based on extensive research with independent rigorous testing to ISO Standards for efficacy. Each production run is batch-tested, tested & certificated and manufactured to ISO STANDARDS.


BIOARMOR-NANO wipes are developed and manufactured in Europe, with a global network of distribution partners and customers. 


The current products help protect non-porous surfaces, including food preparation surfaces.




BIOARMOR-NANO is exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Gardian Technologies.

Gardian Technologies Pty Ltd (Gardian) operates in the medical technology (medtech) industry category, a category considered an eminent part of the healthcare sector. It includes medical devices and software which simplifies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses, shifting the focus away from an acute care model. 

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