BIOARMOR-NANO has been approved for sale throughout Australia, under the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), company registration number NIC1007884.  BIOARMOR-NANO is an EXEMPT product under the Therapeutic Goods (excluded goods) determination 2018 Schedule 1, Section 5 - Specified Goods, Item 12 - Sanitation, Environmental Control and Environmental Detoxification Equipment.  A copy of this exemption can be provided upon request.

The product has been approved for sale in Europe under the Biocidal Products Register (BPR) and issued BAUA approval. A copy can be provided upon request.

In the USA BIOARMOR-NANO™ Anti-Bac nanosilver surface coating contains EPA FIFRA registered additive SSB under EPA registration 83587-3.

Scientific studies on the efficacy of BIOARMOR-NANO have been carried out on a world-wide basis.

BIOARMOR-NANO is manufactured in Europe.