PRESS RELEASE - July 23, 2020

We are delighted to share quotes from the original press release published by our exclusive laboratory licence partner (worldwide exclusive product licence).

Nanosilver successfully tested against coronaviruses.

In a screening test (based on DIN ISO 21702), an unscented version of the coating – applied under test conditions with an added heat process to aid the hardening & 'curing' process - showed a surface reduction in the bovine coronavirus of over 99.9%”.

"Since 2010 the OECD has received a large amount of assistance from our partner laboratories who have supplied nanosilver product manufactured supplied for research purposes".

“Numerous laboratories demonstrated the efficient effectiveness of nanosilver against viruses at an early stage. Accordingly, nanosilver can be used against contamination in a very low concentration”.

“The latest study on bovine corona viruses now also shows a very strong virus reduction of 99.9% on surface coating containing nanosilver”.

"This test was carried out on surfaces that were treated with a coating containing nanosilver under test conditions and with an added heat source and according to based on DIN ISO 21702".

The above text was faithfully translated from the German original.

A senior representative added this quote for further clarification on the test result:

“The observed virus-inactivating effect of the coating was shown with the bovine coronavirus. This test virus is one of the enveloped viruses that are generally considered to be easily inactivated. SARS-CoV-2 also belongs to the group of enveloped viruses”.

Tests on the scented version of our coating - applied via wet-wipe and fully air-dried - are ongoing & results will be released as they are confirmed.

Bioarmor have used best endeavours to ensure the above is a faithful reproduction of the facts supplied in the original release and subsequent emails.


23rd / July / 2020

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